Young Professional Council (YPC)

What is the Young Professional Council?

The Young Professional Council is a group of selected early careerists at the National Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives® responsible for the success of the Health Professions Mentorship Program (HPMP). Additionally, members of the YPC have many responsibilities from collaborating with the Managers council to produce the AHHE Monthly newsletter to executing skills-based workshops. Our members are nurses, hospital administrators, analyst, policy advocates, and consultants from hospital, diagnostic, and insurance backgrounds.

Mission Statement:

The National Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives Young Professional Council strives to identify a diverse group of early careerists who are dedicated and passionate about leading healthcare access to Hispanic and marginally underserved populations.


The YPC helps ensure the success of the AHHE Mentorship Program while enhancing members exposure, in turn, creating a pipeline of talent for the Managers Council and our sponsor’s human resources departments.


  • Academic and Personal Integrity
  • Compassion and Empathy
  • Leadership & Coaching
  • Membership:

The YPC requires a two-year commitment and holds regular meetings monthly to ensure the success of the group. Many of our members are selected to join the YPC after successful completion of the Health Professions Mentorship Program. However, members may apply for the YPC by becoming active members of the AHHE community by selecting a membership and submitting their resume, biography, and interest to

YPC Leadership