Managers Council (MC)

Mission Statement

The Managers Council (MC) of the Association of Hispanic Healthcare Executives (AHHE) serves as an educational, professional and social support to early career and established Latino health care executives. The Managers Council provides its members with continuing education resources, professional development opportunities and social settings for networking designed to develop the skills and the relationships necessary to navigate the management sphere of the health care arena to help them achieve their career goals.

How does the Managers Council achieve its mission?

In addition to AHHE’s membership activities, members of the Managers Council are invited to special events and trainings designed to develop their knowledge of the health care industry as well as their leadership potential. To execute our mission, the Managers Council has adopted a three-tiered approach:

  • Educational Support: MC members are able to attend educational forums, where they will be provided with resources and tools to understand current and forthcoming issues in health care management.
  • Professional Support: MC members are provided with two different levels of professional development resources. The first level of professional support is aimed at early career managers who manage a small group or department. The second level of professional support is targeted to more established health care managers who are running divisions, branches or centers. Both levels of professional support focus on career strategies that health care executives will need to ascend in their careers.
  • Social Support: MC members are invited to a variety of professional events that promote camaraderie, solidarity and networking amongst Latino and other health care executives of various career levels.

Managers Council Membership Perks

Managers Council Membership Cards

  • Annual Membership in AHHE and discount to AHHE Events
  • Discounts to other services and vendors (e.g., test prep)

Collective Knowledge Database

  • AHHE Managers Council White Papers
  • MC members will be invited to produce a paper detailing an aspect of their field where they possess expertise. These papers will be shared with the membership

Managers Council Bio & Resume Bank

  • Members (as well as recruiters from all sponsoring institutions) will have access to AHHE’s MC resume bank
  • All MC members invited to upload bio and resume
  • Able to sort by Name, Industry, and Position
  • Managers Council Eligibility


To join AHHE’s Managers Council, candidates must work in the health care industry and meet at least three (3) of the following five (5) criteria listed below:

  • Has administrative/managerial/supervisory position
  • Manages a department/office
  • In charge of training and providing performance reviews
  • Direct supervision of others
  • Controls resources and expenditures

MC Leadership