LatinaCultural/Savanaah, GA

We are glad to welcome Community Navigators & Interpreters, Inc., (CNI) of Savannah, GA as our newest State Delegate Network partner.

CNI has evolved from only providing medical interpreting to now providing bilingual patient and community navigators, not only for LEP patients but, also for other community based agencies.  Their mission is to help reduce the many barriers to health care that LEPs face.  Community Navigators has successful relationships with a long list of agencies which come in contact with Georgia?s new immigrant population.  ?El Dia de la Mujer Latina, Inc.?  ( is our newest and most compatible partner in terms of our mission.  The president of CNI, Mariela Orellana, has just been appointed to be the new Southeast GA District coordinator for Dia de Mujer Latina?s (DML) initiatives., Mariela Orellana. President, Community Navigators & Interpreters, Inc., Savannah, GA
(w) 912-238-3409

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