Summer Enrichment Program

Summer Enrichment Program (All states other than NY and NJ)

With an increasingly multicultural population, diversity and cultural competency issues in U.S. health care have become even more critical.

The Institute for Diversity?s Summer Enrichment Program (SEP) is helping by building a pool of diverse future leaders.

The SEP provides graduate students in health administration real-world work experience.  Interns are matched with appropriate health care
facilities, located nationwide, for a 0-12 week summer internship.  A volunteer executive from the host organization provides mentoring,
support and career advice during the internship.  The Institute supports the interns, with leadership development education and ongoing networking and mentoring opportunities.  The Institute also provides assistance with determining the best match between interns and host sites, as well as orientation sessions for hosts and interns and detailed program materials. Please visit our website at  or Elaine Johnson at 312-422-2630 for more details.

GNYHA Undergraduate-Level Internship
Promoting Diversity in Health Care Management
Application Deadline (postmarked by): March 9, 2009

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If you’re a college junior or senior, a first year graduate student, or a second year health administration graduate student, you can learn about a career in health services management through our Summer Enrichment Program (SEP).


The following is a list of scholarships and their Web addresses to pass along to friends and family members with college-bound kids so that this free money will not go to waste. 

Managers Council Forums

Membership in the Forum is reserved for paid individual members in AHHE
who have submitted a completed membership application. In addition,
candidates for the Managers Council must meet at least three (3) of the
following five (5) criteria listed below to have access to the Forum: 
A manager is someone who manages, controls and directs and as a
manager performs the following functions:

  1. Has administrative/managerial/supervisory position
  2. Manages a department/office
  3. In charge of training and providing performance review
  4. Direct supervision of others
  5. Controls resources and expenditures

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